H I ,  I ' M  K A T I E

I am passionate about filling my days with choices that fuel my heart and soul. These days I usually decide to cuddle my kiddo and spend time with mama nature. Offering my lens to contribute to your personal and precious memories is always the cherry on top. 

C O N N E C T I O N  +  H A P P Y  H E A R T S

As a photographer, I share in precious and important occasions. I am so grateful for the opportunity to connect with others in this way, and do my best to capture the genuine moments organically and with honesty; the tiniest moments and the significant milestone moments are all unique and consuming.  

R E A L  L I F E  +  N A T U R A L  L I G H T

If given the opportunity to step into your world, we will work together to create imagery that reflects exactly who you are. 

As a trained yoga instructor, it is in my nature to guide you past nerves and uneasiness and towards authenticity. 

I like to take a documentary-style approach, focusing more on your smiles toward one another than toward the camera.  Our time will be playful and chill and true to you. 

If my work and process sit well with you, reach out! I look forward to meeting you:)

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